The terms of consumer warranty vary from product to product and from one region of the World to another. In general, we offer a limited, non-transferable, 6-month warranty, unless otherwise noted. The warranty excludes certain parts and components and shortens the term of coverage on certain others. Handling charges can also vary by product and region.

For the text of the particular warranty terms that apply to your specific product – including exclusions, handling fees and instructions on how and when to make a warranty claim — click here (it will take you to our STORE) then locate your specific product, then click on product instructions to download the user manual.


HYGGE, LLC warrants to the original owner that this flashlight is free from defects in parts and workmanship for six months from the date of purchase. HYGGE does not warrant the future availability of any particular colors, markings or decorations, and reserves the option to replace items with comparable parts at its discretion. Registration is not required for warranty coverage. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties and conditions, express or implied. EXCLUSIONS: This warranty does not cover any of the following: Damage to or failure of the flashlight or any component thereof due to disassembly, alteration, misuse, battery leakage or lack of maintenance. HYGGE disclaims any responsibility for incidental or consequential damages. Some jurisdictions (countries, provinces, and states) do not allow exclusion or limitation of implied warranties, incidental or consequential damages and/or limitations on transferability, so the above limitations and exclusions may not apply to you. HOW AND WHEN TO MAKE A WARRANTY CLAIM: If the problem remains unresolved after following the TROUBLESHOOTING guide enclosed, see the Customer Service section at

WARNINGS: AVOID EYE INJURY – Do not stare directly into beam or point it directly into anyone’s face. Doing so for more than a few seconds could cause retinal damage. Not recommended for use by children under fourteen years of age. Any battery may leak harmful chemicals which may damage skin, clothing or the inside of the flashlight. TO AVOID RISK OF INJURY, DO NOT LET ANY MATERIAL LEAKED FROM A BATTERY COME IN CONTACT WITH EYES OR SKIN. Any battery may rupture or explode if put in a fire or otherwise exposed to excessive heat. TO AVOID RISK OF INJURY, DO NOT EXPOSE BATTERIES TO EXCESSIVE HEAT. To reduce the risk of personal injury or harm to your flashlight, take the following precautions: • Use only 18650 lithium batteries from a reputable manufacturer. • Do not use different brands of batteries in the same flashlight. • When replacing batteries, always replace the whole set. • Do not use rechargeable or reusable alkaline batteries. • Do not try to recharge batteries that are not specifically designed to be recharged. • Warning: batteries must be inserted correctly. Failure to do so could cause permanent damage to the LED module. • Follow battery manufacturer’s instructions as to proper handling, storage and disposal of batteries. • Carefully follow the steps listed under INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE.